Monday, December 26, 2011

Photo Blog

In case you have not noticed my updates to this blog have degraded to less than a trickle. Conversely, my Photo Journal has increased in frequency. There are all types of boring excuses, many of which are evident from previous post here. Lets get passed that though. The essence of this blog is a fun detailing of experiences with the spurts of successes and failures of my time here in London. With that in mind as my free-time has gradually whittled away I had a choice, write more or experience more. The Photo Journal is the result of my decision. It is the sculpting of a tedious reduction in time into refinement of function. I hope you enjoy the refinement and that the Photo Journal is as fun to explore for you as it was to create.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wow it has been forever. The whirlwind of activity carrying away my time has not slowed down in months…man I love this town. Like many cities it picks up the pace in the Spring and if your not ready it will knock you on your back. I’m still standing, but it is not over yet. June 3rd through the 5th is my first major art fair in London. The ‘untitled’ Artists Fair, is the biggest fair exclusively for artist in London. Its prominence is in part because it is held at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. Most shows here are for galleries and organizations only. The organizers of ‘untitled’ use their fair as a way to connect artist with galleries and as a consequence only let in the best of what London has to offer. Just 3 weeks to go and most of my prep is done. I can’t wait. If you are reading this consider it your personal invite to booth C45.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Celebrating the Busiest Week of My Life

In an attempt to skip out on school my brother and I once prayed for snow for 2 weeks. Of course what we got was the biggest blizzard that the NE US had seen in 15 years. With this track record my request for more hours in a day or more of me to get all this work done should be a sure thing, after all a prayer for successfully finishing the busiest week of my life is much more righteous than a prayer for a blizzard to get out of school. Of course I would rather be to busy then bored out of my mind and if your going to drown it might as well be in something you enjoy drinking. Well I love art, so let it rain!
Seriously, the busiest week of my life here’s my to do list:
(Oh and also I have a cold)

Job 1: Receptionist at Bankside
Work M, Sa, Su

Job 2: Art Technician
Work T, W, Th (Cleaning and getting rooms ready for students)
Break down of old show
Set up of new show
Marketing for The Bag Show
Fix 4 screens for screen printing

Job 3: Ceramics Teacher
Work on Thursday
Figure out why I am not getting paid
Make an example ceramics model of a Futurist stylized doggy before class
Make an example ceramics model of a Pop Art hand saw before class

Job 4: Freelance Artist
Going for Gold Banner
Done Tuesday
Get images
Doctor and compile images
Get approval then send it off
Smartfit Bootcamp Logo
Due Thursday
Download Inkscape
Draw designs
Get approval
Make design in Vector format
Translate Inkscape into usable files formats
Get approval-fix-then send it off
Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour (color)
Due Friday
Buy supplies (try to remember how to use them)
Paint a watercolor (colour)
Frame and mat the finished work
Figure out where in the world the submission place is
Stand in line
One Smartbody Logo
Due Sunday
Get approval
Make design in Vector format
Translate Inkscape into usable files formats
Get approval-fix-then send it off

Tickets for weddings
Make a plan
Make a budget
Buy the tickets

I am guilty of saying, “I would rather be to busy then bored out of my mind”, but I am thinking about taking it back.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its That Time

Its Visa time in the good old UK. I know there are all kinds of crazy excuses people make up to convince themselves to go for that visa. So here is one more…guilt. After taking all the professional necessities I need from London to boost my cv (resume’) and in addition to all the “I really like it here” talk, reaping the fruits of London and giving nothing back just seems wrong (yes I just had my first solo exhibition). There should be an element of mutual benefit in any healthy relationship after all. So London, I am willing to stay, if you’re willing to have me (at least for a year or two).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov 12 2010

Forget that I’m in London or how great my wife is, forget that my bills are paid and my health is good, I want more. I want perfection! The depressing part is you can live your whole life and never experience one day of it. There are plenty of ways to avoid that depressing fact. Setting low standards is one or focusing on small steps and never looking forward, or even not caring. But who wants to do that? Those tactics are kind of depressing in themselves. I’ve got a way that side steps the whole problem. Taking pride in the progress and enjoying the challenge. That optimism is based on the idea that a lifetime goal should not be achievable. It should be capable of lasting a life time, something chased yet never achieved. Simply because life is active not passive and after achieving something like perfection, what else is their? But now everything is all messed up. You see… today I achieved perfection. What am I supposed to do now? To be honest I cheated a little in my criteria for perfection by half doing one of the cheating tactics already mentioned. I have simple standards, but they are not easily achievable and I definitely care about the criteria and the goal. The standards are: 1) having a day full of fine art as a profession and 2) having some recreational fitness thrown in to break things up. This would be easy if I forgot about every other obligation involved in being an adult, but that would be delusion not perfection.

I have a new better goal now. Now that I have tasted perfection, the goal is to do it again and change my day into a lifetime. Human perfection is not sustainable so this is not an achievable goal, but it is more than worth attempting. Time to get moving, I already feel today becoming yesterday.

Monday, October 4, 2010

8 Days a Week

Its 7:00 am and I’m bump bumping along in the London double-decker with talkative school children in uniforms, sulky men in business suites staring out the window, and head-bopping mp3 zombies right out of an I-pod commercial. So many things to Draw!

Bus 36 takes me to job # 2 - an hour commute of scenery inside and out, views of the real London and the tourist hot spots from the dungeons to the palaces and parks. The bus is the way to explore. I draw for the full hour! No, that’s a lie I talk a lot too, I am the loud American on the bus. But my drawings are a natural conversation starter and people to talk to are not in short supply either. The best part of it all, I do it all again starting at 4:00, then I hang-out at the flat (home) and paint. What a life!

But Bus 36 and job #2 is only 3 days a week. Job #1 at the Bankside Health Club, with its hot flashes of busyness are the other 3 to 4 days a week. When I am done there? You guessed it - art art art. Now that I think about it my whole numbering system is off. Painting, Drawing and everything art is #1, then the gym at #2 and college at #3. That’s more like it. Now if I could just make an 8th day of the week for #1 everything would be perfect.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sexy Kool Again

In all the world there are unlimited forms of creation, yet I still choose to paint. I love painting and I offer no apologies. I will never grow tired of the sexy kool feel and look of paint flowing around the canvas, or the confidence needed for its smooth application. Don’t get me wrong I have been drawing up a storm while here in London, and drawing is one of my favorite (favourite) forms of creation too. However, I like drawing for more practical reasons. It allows me a more immediate perception of overall composition and gives an immediate feel for color (colour) within that composition. Also, because of the portability of drawing materials it is a perfect fit for any artist. It satiated my need for creation for a little while. Thank you paper and pastel, but my brush and canvas are back. London has brought about 2 significant changes in my most familiar form of creation. I am using Acrylic paint for now and all the paintings I have made so far were requested as commission based on my finished drawings. When I had unlimited walls and a devoted space for painting I would make only sketches and paint 2 or 3 oil paintings at once, resulting in a literal wall of finished paintings with colors (colours) that were decided on over the long drying period associated with oil painting. People would just choose the painting they liked off of the wall. The changes have benefits. For example, I can finish a painting in half the time and with half the cost, but they take just a little of the creation side away from me. Doing things the new way makes more sense. I have to say though, my next painting…it will be all mine!